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Genemod Affiliate Program
Earn a one-time 20% discount when you bring other teams onto Genemod, the new platform that lets researchers track, manage, and optimize their lab inventories and workflows.
Join Genemod's affiliate program will help you cut down your costs
Cut down your costs
If you’re looking for an easy way to cut down on costs, we’re here to help. Join our affiliate program and earn your one-time 20% discount.
Join Genemod's affiliate program will make your workdays easier
Make workdays easier
When you promote Genemod, you’re helping to greatly simplify and improve the work-life balance of your peers and colleagues.
Join Genemod's affiliate program will help improve reproducibility
Help improve reproducibility
You’re helping in the ecosystem-wide fight to eliminate irreproducibility, saving researchers billions of dollars per year and helping get breakthrough cures and discoveries to market faster.
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