Responding to COVID-19 – Measuring the impacts on the life science community

As COVID-19 becomes a growing concern worldwide, individual lives, businesses, communities and the greater economy have become increasingly disrupted. More institutions are looking to researchers and front-line workers for their scientific expertise, to find clarity and potential solutions to end the pandemic. This has put a spotlight on the critical role of science in our nation’s wellbeing and as a result, it is imperative to get everyone possible involved in supporting our researchers and scientists nationwide. That’s why we’re helping build a grassroots community of scientists and researchers that can come together to discuss everything surrounding COVID-19 here in Seattle.

Our objective to help end the pandemic is to build a response network towards the effects of COVID-19 and to take the lead in building a channel on the Slack workspace to foster a community around COVID-19 research. We’re reaching out to scientists, researchers, and other organizations to join our efforts as we focus on launching a shared and collaborative platform that would drive discussion and collaboration for faster, better solutions.

It is crucial at this time to create accessible resources such as literature reviews, projects, career opportunities, and joint collaborations on grants – all in regard to mitigating the impact of the virus. As our organization heavily integrates onto the Slack network, we will hopefully expand the research community to achieve success on COVID-19 projects and tasks.