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Manage Your Laboratory Data in One Place

With Genemod Dashboard, your team can monitor lab processes in real-time, even from remote locations. This increases your lab’s efficiency while expediting throughput and workflow processes.

The dashboard allows you to manage data, create new projects, and share lab protocols with your peers through real-time updates. Because the Genemod dashboard is user-friendly and customizable, it eliminates the need for your team to rummage through outdated software applications for individual samples.

Improve Your ELN Workflow

When you implement Genemod’s electronic lab notebook solution, you will quickly notice that your team’s time and resources are boosted. Once you’ve finished your work, you can upload the details to the ELN protocol library.

Using this collaborative workspace helps you fast-track your projects by organizing and strengthening your chain of custody with other scientists. They can easily find the protocols they need, saving time and increasing productivity because their electronic laboratory notebook is always at hand.

Simplify Inventory Tracking

You’ll never lose sight of what’s in your inventory with Genemod’s inventory management solution. LIMS software enables you to store every detail of your laboratory’s contents.

You can create and customize a virtual freezer that matches your lab’s physical storage so that your team never has difficulty finding samples. Electronic inventory management and resource planning in one place ensure that every team member has easy access.

Manage Sequence Editing

Sequence editing has never been easier with Genemod’s sequence editing solution. The LIMS software provides several ways for your team to perform calculations.

For example, you can transfer your primer from a sequence editing page to your storage database with one click. You can also easily edit DNA sequences and switch between DNA, RNA, and three-letter proteins. When you’re done, you can archive your work and share it with your colleagues. Sequencing has never been easier or more efficient.

Benefits of LIMS

LIMS can completely transform your laboratory into an innovative center of excellence. Here are some of the major benefits of adopting a LIMS solution:

  • Efficiency: Your team will begin to notice efficiency gains almost immediately with a LIMS because your lab protocols and information are centralized and allow easy access. Using a dashboard, where you can see real-time results, streamlines your workflow because each member of your team has your most frequently accessed tools at their fingertips whenever they need them.
  • Accuracy: Errors can be virtually eliminated by automating tasks such as assignments, tracking progress, and validating data. LIMS integrates all applications so you can share and transfer data without running the risk of duplicating or omitting information, or missing entries.
  • Productivity: Your lab can optimize productivity by sharing real-time data, providing clear timelines, and enhancing deliverables. Team members can cut down on over-due tasks and use automated tools to perform multiple calculations simultaneously.

Get Powerful LIMS Software with Genemod

The key to success for any research facility or pharmaceutical company is dependent on the efficiency of its laboratory, regardless of whether it is conducting new research or performing quality control and compliance.

By automating this process, a LIMS software solution increases productivity and engagement, ensures compliance, and improves communication between team members can clinical departments.

Maximize your laboratory’s efficiency and productivity by implementing a LIMS software solution. Contact Genemod today to find out more about how we can help you bring your lab’s workflow up to date for 2022 with LIMS implementation.

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