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Harness the power of research operations analytics
Research operations analytics provides a new depth of insights into R&D to understand what drives progress.
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Make smarter digital decisions based on research activity
Understand your research activity
Instantly answer simple and complex questions with metrics that span across all channels and products.
Simple user management for teams of all sizes
Access the admin dashboard, manage members, create workspaces, and use access policies.
Easily manage application permissions
Control what users within certain applications can see and do.
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#1 in analytics for life science research operations
Accelerate your innovation
Enable research teams to easily see the complete picture and take faster action.
Where project management meets electronic lab notebook
Group similar research experiments in subprojects and see how Genemod helps you optimize your time and resources.
Integrate your research workflows and database
We integrate with Google Drive and more. Feel the power of file management & Genemod for research.
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