Track your inventory from start to finish

Dynamic and scalable data entry.
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Create a source of truth for all of your data

At Genemod, we want you to save time and cost by harnessing your teams’ collective knowledge into a visual interface.

Instead of multiple excel sheets, inventory management happens in one place. Use features like activity logs and bookmarks to automate data entry.

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Obtain your path to digital transformation

Radically simplified workflows that will be in one trusted place. Every sample archive, and activity, matters.

Genemod allows teams to customize shelf and rack labels and quantity at every layer, helping you visualize where your samples are.

A single search for all inventory samples

With our tool, your inventory archive is at your fingertips. Hone in your search to relevant information and resources with clickable filters.

Instead of asking for information when you need it, you can reduce repetitive questions by searching instead, saving everyone valuable time.

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Let's get you started

Transformation starts with connected teams