Utilize our sequence editing basics

Perform your calculations all on one page.
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Quickly navigate using connectivity between tools

At Genemod, we know that your time is valuable. So, we’ve made it efficient for you to perform your calculations.

Transfer your primer from the sequence-editing page to your freezer database, all with the click of a single button.

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Easily determine your reagents genetic information

Easily edit a DNA sequence in the same platform that stores it. Input elements like melting temperature to calculate the properties of the reagent.

Edit DNA to get the reverse, complement, and reverse complement of your sequence, also convert between DNA, RNA, and a three-letter protein.

Store all of the calculations in one centralized area

After your calculations, keep track of data by storing it in your sequence workspace, to share your work, as well as archive it when you are done.

Calculating and storing reagents genetic information in one place will make your life easier when you need to find exactly what you are looking for.

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