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Genemod accelerates life sciences R&D by improving collaboration for every team
Our small team is doing big things
We’re a tight knit team working across the continental US who love finding elegant solutions to complex problems.
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Our vision
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Biotech has always led the way in breakthroughs
But producing therapeutics is complex and requires an enormous amount of organization and tracking. In the last few years, every team has undergone a digital transformation, and every team is accumulating more and more data. Research teams that best use their data will create the next breakthrough.
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with more data, it becomes harder to manage
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Many experiments are unnecessary duplicates due to a lack of interoperability into past experiments. This limits the exchange and use of data from different sources.
Low reproducibility rates within life science research undermine cumulative knowledge production and contribute to both delays and costs of therapeutic drug development.
Unusable results
For example, the problem and cost of misidentified and contaminated cell lines – and their impact on reproducibility – cannot be overestimated.
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At Genemod, we want to change this
We bring your team’s work together in one shared space. Improve process management by leaving the repetitive stuff to us so you can do more of the work you do best.
We believe that the lab of the future won’t run on the same technology scientists have been using for decades. Researchers now expect flexible, intuitive solutions that enable collaboration and creativity.
That’s why we built Genemod.
Meet our team
Our mission is to empower teams to create the next breakthrough. By caring deeply about each other, our customers, and our mission, we’re building a company that’s proud to put people first.
albert yim
Albert Yim
Software Engineer
alex chang
Alex Chang
corianton johnson
Corianton Johnson
Account Executive
dan tu
Dan Tu
Software Engineer
darrick carter
Darrick Carter
Felix Livni
Felix Livni
isaac kato
Isaac Kato
jacob lee
Jacob Lee
CEO & Co-Founder