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We’ve made it our mission to provide the automation tools and processes to help teams optimize their lab work.
By doing so, we aim to establish best practices that make research ever-more reproducible and less costly, as well as to bring vital cures to market all the more quickly.
Female scientist in white lab coat standing and looking at eight mice running around in a number of glass circles
How we started
Genemod was born out of a real need that we, as research scientists, experienced when performing our own lab work.
We couldn’t help but notice how modern-day research tools and techniques lagged far behind the cutting-edge research they were producing. We couldn’t ignore the net effect across the larger ecosystem either: huge sums of money wasted on irreproducible pre-clinical research—$28 billion per year in the United States alone—not to mention endless hours of irretrievable lab time.
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We made it our mission to modernize, automate, and streamline the everyday functions of lab work so that teams could have more time to focus on doing the actual research needed to develop cures faster, make technology run better, and reproduce experiments more accurately. And we remain committed to that vision over the long run.
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We bring current traditional data processes up to par with 21st century scientific practice
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Meet our team
Meet the people behind Genemod
Photo of Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee
CEO & Co-Founder
Photo of Jin Choe
Jin Choe
CTO & Co-Founder
Photo of Tina Lu
Tina Lu
Product Designer
Photo of Dan Tu
Dan Tu
Software Engineer
Photo of Yuqi Feng
Yuqi Feng
UX Engineer
Photo of Jeremy Lawrence
Jeremy Lawrence
Sr. Software Engineer
Photo of Muhammad Hariz
Muhammad Hariz
Software Engineer
Photo of Callahan Hall
Callahan Hall
Business Development Representative
Photo of Lucinda Liu
Lucinda Liu
Research Scientist
Photo of Jeff Spagnola
Jeff Spagnola
Business Development Representative
Photo of Albert Yim
Albert Yim
Software Engineer
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