How Genemod Can Revolutionize Your Research

March 06, 2020
Jacob Lee

Research projects can be time and resource-intensive. Huge stores of data, physical specimens, multiple people performing various tasks make it even more complex. There is a way to streamline your scientific research and simplify the administration that comes with it. Let Genemod show you how.

Freezer Inventory

Manual data entry of freezer inventory can be difficult to keep updated in a timely way. Combine that with multiple labs, and you may not know what is available without visiting or contacting the other labs. You can have all your chemicals and reagents inventoried in one place with minimal manual data entry.

Project Management

Scientific research projects have a lot of moving parts. Having one spot to coordinate tasks, deliverables, deadlines and key milestones keeps everyone on the same page and the project moving smoothly by integrating seamlessly with the project calendar.


Organize your most recently accessed tools and research in one place with a customizable dashboard. Real-time results keep everyone updated at a glance with no wasted time. Keep all your most important information at your fingertips.

Sequence Editing

Research software has changed the way scientists perform their experiments. No longer do they have to perform multiple scientific calculations manually or in spreadsheets that have to be shared individually. Now you can do many mathematical variations at once. You can then store the results where it can be accessed by the team.

Digest Mapping

Having several people perform identical repetitive tasks wastes time. Optimize your research projects with a dynamic tool that streamlines performance and shares collected data in one easily accessible place.

Project Calendar

Never miss an important deadline or delivery date again. Coordinate multiple projects with a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to view how multiple scenarios could impact your deliverables.

Contact Genemod today and let them show you how their research software can help you streamline your projects.

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