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January 04, 2021
How Genemod Can Revolutionize Your Research
How Genemod can revolutionize your research
Genemod’s cloud-based platform streamlines scientific research and simplifies the management that comes with laboratories experiencing huge amounts of data, physical specimens and multiple researchers.

Research projects can be time and resource-intensive. Having huge stores of data, physical specimens and multiple people performing various tasks can make it even more complex. Streamlining your scientific research and simplifying the management that comes with it can help save you valuable time and money. Let us show you how.

Freezer Inventory

Manual data entry of freezer inventory can be difficult to keep updated and organized, especially when there are different researchers entering data in distinct ways. Combine that with multiple labs, and you may not know what is available without visiting or contacting the other labs. When using Genemod’s cloud-based platform, you can have all your chemicals and reagents inventoried in one place with minimal manual data entry, while being updated in real-time. This saves your laboratory valuable time by cutting out unnecessary questions when all the information about your inventory is in one place.

Project Management

There are a lot of moving parts associated with scientific research projects and when taking on multiple projects at once, tasks can ultimately become too difficult to manage. Having one spot to coordinate tasks, deliverables, deadlines and key milestones is a great way to keep all researchers on the same page. By utilizing Genemod’s central, collaborative workspace, project managers are able to fast track their research by writing, sharing, and dividing experimental protocols with their fellow researchers. Our platform also gives researchers the ability to organize, track progress and set priorities for all of their laboratory projects to help streamline their research.

Let’s solve this together. Be at the forefront of lab automation and reproducibility and contact us today.

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