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April 15, 2021
How we will continue to innovate the easiest lab management software
Innovate the easiest lab management software
To all our Genemod supporters and the research community, an important change is coming to Genemod: We are now offering a free-forever program for life sciences teams worldwide.

We believe researchers and teams should have access to the latest technologies to expedite research and develop processes. Advanced features for growing teams will come at a price point that includes added functionality and customization. It’s our goal to offer resources and be a partner to you at every stage of development.

This is an essential shift to keep growing Genemod as the innovative software that we and our users want it to be. This post outlines the details, but the short version is:

  • We want to scale with you, and so we will offer added functionalities and features at an affordable price point
  • Customers want Genemod to add more new features, faster – and we want that, too

Read on for details of why we’re doing this, how it may affect you, and what’s to come.

Why are we doing this?

R&D has become more specialized, more collaborative, and produces immense complex data. In order to stay competitive, life science companies need software solutions that help address a new set of challenges.

  • Teams are more specialized and distributed than ever before, yet they need to collaborate closely.
  • For organizations to make informed decisions, they need to be able to centralize, connect, and analyze vast amounts of complex data.

Without addressing these challenges, it’s difficult for scientists and R&D leaders to access the information they need to make fully informed decisions. At the level of an individual scientist, this can negatively impact their productivity and the quality of their outputs. For R&D leadership, suboptimal collaboration, a lack of centralized data, and slow responses to process changes lead to knowledge gaps that slow down the pipeline.

How it may affect you?

Data is the currency of R&D. Its value to your research and lab depends on its completeness, accuracy, and ease of use. Our platform simplifies the way data is entered and captured making it easier to derive insights from scientific and operational data by placing it in the context of your organization’s processes and inventory.

With Genemod’s Inventory tool you can standardize, connect, and track samples across experiments. Genemod’s intuitive UI provides a digital window into your physical lab, enabling you to track vials, batches, etc. while linking them to relevant results. Our Project Management tool lets you design protocols, assign roles and track processes, all while driving unified data capture across Genemod. Genemod’s platforms features work together to power your experiments through connected data — whether sequences, samples, or results.

Changes for current users?

Currently all Genemod users have unrestricted access to features and tools. With the free version of our platform, you can design two projects, set up three virtual freezers and collaborate with up to 10 team members. We will give all current users thirty days to decide what tier will best support their research. Here’s the exciting part- this transition will launch incredible improvements to our software, which will help your team reach its goals faster.

What’s to come?

We will continue to focus on transforming data entry and management to improve efficiency for users. Here are some of the specific areas we’re committed to enhancing:

  • Improving User Experience Incorporating feature requests to update dashboard visuals and new features such as customizable item tags, and additional metric stacks.
  • Advancing Team Collaboration This means optimizing your workflow to be as efficient as possible. Going forward, we’re developing the tools to advance team collaboration with real-time activity streams and team analytics.
  • Expanding Feature Sets Our product development roadmap is focused on our users. We take a human-centered approach to technology innovation to maximize the power of AI to the way you do your research – things like ordering reminders or recommendations.

Final thoughts

Research actually requires a bit of chaos for progress to occur. You try seven sequences to find the one that fits, or six reagents to grow a specific cell line. When dozens of researchers are all modifying experiments or trying new protocols at the same time, keeping the lab organized is a real challenge.

We’ve developed Genemod to help modernize that process. Genemod lets you visualize, query, and share data to help answer important questions about your R&D pipeline, experiments, team productivity, and resource allocation.

Have questions? Email your questions here:

Thanks for your partnership, your ideas, and your commitment to the future. Happy experimenting!

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