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Lab automation software built with non-profits in mind
Genemod provides non-profits with low-cost, easy-to-use lab automation software needed to scale life sciences R&D.
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Genemod for non-profit organizations
Set your NPO up for success from day one
Nonprofit organizations get a 40% discount on paid Genemod plans to support the important work you’re doing.
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A source of truth for your inventory
From reagents to custom item types - we customize to match exactly how it is in the lab.
Finally, an ELN built for scientists
It’s never been easier to cycle across all your experiments, protocols, and attachments in one place.
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We have the most affordable paid plans you’ll find (the same cost as a latte a week)
Where project management meets electronic lab notebook
Group similar research experiments in subprojects and see how Genemod helps you optimize your time and resources.
Integrate your research workflows and database
We integrate with Google Drive and more. Feel the power of file management & Genemod for research.
We’ve built your favorite Excel-like features to make data entry painless
Keep track of item types, concentrations, attachments, and notes of any samples and reagents stored in your lab.
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Standardize the way your team records research data - all in one place