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The modern lab automation platform built with admins in mind
Genemod Enterprise enables large institutions with multiple teams to centralize projects and experiments on one platform.
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One platform to manage multiple research teams
Leverage advanced enterprise features
Access advanced features such as role-based permissions, admin dashboard, and user provisioning, which give you complete control over your organization’s data management and user profiles.
Manage multiple research teams on Genemod Enterprise
Org Owners and Org Admins can decide who can manage multi-workspace research teams within an Enterprise Grid organization.
Work with external organizations, securely
Retain your data security practices while collaborating with trusted organizations.
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#1 in analytics for life science research operations
Accelerate your innovation
Enable research teams to easily see the complete picture and take faster action.
Where project management meets electronic lab notebook
Group similar research experiments in subprojects and see how Genemod helps you optimize your time and resources.
Integrate your research workflows and database
We integrate with Google Drive and more. Feel the power of file management & Genemod for research.
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Integrate your research on other digital platforms with Genemod
Integrate your research workflows and database
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The modern R&D platform where your entire department is aboard
We offer site-wide discounts for departments and cores
Ask your department if they offer Genemod as a preferred software vendor.
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Finally, an ELN built for scientists
It’s never been easier to cycle across all your experiments, protocols, and attachments in one place.
A source of truth for your inventory
From reagents to custom item types - we customize to match exactly how it is in the lab.
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The modern R&D platform that can scale with your custom or high-volume needs
Tailor Genemod for site-wide licenses of any scale