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Where research teams get work done
We’ve built the first platform for life sciences R&D where project management meets electronic lab notebook.
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Project management for experiments in one place
Where project management meets electronic lab notebook
Group similar research experiments in subprojects and see how Genemod helps you optimize your time and resources.
Organize and expedite experiments
Easily cycle through individual experiments or share and divide among your team.
Integrate your research workflows and database
We integrate with Google Drive and more. Feel the power of file management & Genemod for research.
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The all-in-one notebook for research anytime, anywhere.
Collaborative real-time editing
We take teamwork to the next level by letting you and your team work together in real time on experiments.
Create, comment, and reply to protocols
Make it a team effort with in-line and page comments and replies.
Centralize attachments and metadata
Easily upload and manage relevant attachments within experiments, as well as create new sections.
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Integrate your research on other digital platforms with Genemod
Integrate your research workflows and database
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Digitize your research protocols to improve reproducibility
Bring structure to your research
Create flexible and editable protocol templates that scales and streamline testing procedures.
Built for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Easily manage version history without the need to save multiple protocol copies.
Import and export your data
Genemod makes it easy for you to move content to and from other programs.
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The modern R&D platform that can scale with your custom or high-volume needs
Tailor Genemod for site-wide licenses of any scale