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The modern lab automation platform to accelerate scientific research from discovery to manufacturing operations.
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The only solution that doesn’t look like another spreadsheet

Custom design a virtual freezer that matches its real-life counterpart, shelf for shelf and item for item.
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Genemod Notebook takes R&D collaboration to a whole other level

Create flexible and editable protocol templates, add attachments to experiments, and build Excel-like tables within entries.

Unlock better insights

In the last few years, every team has undergone a digital transformation and is accumulating more and more data. Researchers need access to the latest experimental, assay / screening data, and inventory data from a variety of sources.

Boost productivity

Providing scientists access to all data from a single interface allows for a seamless workflow and removes the need to switch between applications..
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A fully managed, R&D data platform

Our Enterprise plans help companies ensure data integrity and improve collaboration institution-wide. Each subscription is acustom-built, expert-driven foundation of your lab automation program.
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