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It’s time to visualize your inventory
With Genemod Inventory, you can centralize all your spreadsheets onto a single platform as a source of truth.
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The only solution that doesn’t look like another spreadsheet
Fully customizable - from shelves to racks and cryoboxes
Custom design a virtual freezer that matches its real-life counterpart, shelf for shelf and item for item.
Easily create categories - because some items are bulkier than others
Categories allow you to group similar items together that don’t fit in a cryobox.
Bookmark commonly used items or flag to reorder
Bookmark reagents to easily access at a later time or make a note to reorder reagents that are running low.
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All the features you need for inventory management
We’ve built your favorite Excel-like features to make data entry painless
Keep track of item types, concentrations, attachments, and notes of any samples and reagents stored in your lab.
Create custom item types or choose from our templates
Default item templates include primer, strain, antibody, chemical, enzyme, cell line, and more.
Generate automations for 100+ use cases
Create automations that alert you when items are running low or when updates have been made.
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Integrate your research on other digital platforms with Genemod
Integrate your research workflows and database
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We’ve built the most robust search engine for your samples
Advanced search features help find samples faster
Easily filter, find, and navigate to the samples and categories that you’re looking for.
Easily import items from Excel
Once you’ve uploaded your spreadsheet, from there you can easily match data columns to migrate at scale.
A single source of truth
Data entry and compliance is easier when everyone is on the same page.
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The modern R&D platform that can scale with your custom or high-volume needs
Tailor Genemod for site-wide licenses of any scale